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Non-standard Carbide Cutting Tools

Threading Milling Tools

Thread milling cutter having different type, such as straight flute, helix flute, multiple thread and taper etc., choosing suitable type according to the material, thread type. Thread milling cutter machining the thread with high surface quality and rigidity without defective products for messy tooth.

Center Drill & Point Drill

Centering and chamfering to improve position of hole and deburr , producing different structure in different case.

Special Carbide Drill

Special drill enhancing the efficiency, cutting cost and reducing the no. of machines; design different tool solution on the basis of material, drawing requirement and machine etc.

Carbide Reamer

Reamer having different structure and type according to the different machining case to achieve the best result which is used in finishing machining.

Special Solid Carbide Form Tools

Using suitable form cutter enhancing efficiency, cutting cost, solving production problem and remedying defect of machine.

Non-standard Carbide Endmills

Mill using all range of case, different case having different solution. In the high precision machining case or special case, special tool solution enhancing efficiency and cutting cost notably.